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Duo Discus 2,5 m

The Duo Discus 2.5m is a two-seat remote control sailplane in 1:8 scale with 2.5m wing span, suitable for intermediate pilots. Its firm and robust construction allows for flying in extreme conditions, as well as aerobatics.

The fuselage of the Duo Discus is made of fiberglass. The cockpit is standard equipped with two moulded seats.

The wing construction is a composite of styrofoam, fiberglass and balsa, all covered with an iron-on ORACOVER foil. The elevator is also made of balsa. To ensure extra firmness of the wing the wing spar is produced in special negative forms of glass rovings. The wing is attached to the fuselage by a round steel bar of 8mm diameter.

The Duo Discus can be custom equipped with Schempp-Hirth brakes, retractable landing gear and an airtow release mechanism. The model has the original true scale sailplane livery applied. If the customer wishes, the colour of the standard decals can be changed or these can be completely custom made.

With basic equipment, the model requires four (4) servos, i.e., elevator, rudder and ailerons. Four (4) extra servos are then needed for the operation of the airbrakes, retractable landing gear and airtow release mechanism.

The glider Duo Discus 2.5m can be easily transported and stored in our fully moulded transportation Cobra case with a shoulder strap, which we developed for the models of this size.


Retail Price* with VAT

Model # Specs Price + 21%VAT
KVDUOD 2,5m None CZK 12912.-
KVDUOD 2,5m B Brakes only CZK 13967.-
KVDUOD 2,5m RLG Retractable landing gear only CZK 14069.-
KVDUOD 2,5m B RLG Brakes and retractable landing gear CZK 14892.-

* For prices of other optional equipment and accessories or to request our wholesale price list and business terms, please
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Scale: 1:8
Wing span: 2500 mm
Length: 1175 mm
Wing area: 27dm²
Airfoil: S 3021 mod.
Loading: 44,5 g/dm²
Weight: approx. 1200 g
Flying proficiency: Intermediate

1EUR/26.80 CZK
Customers from outside the EU, the price is exempt from the 21% VAT.