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Frequently Asked Questions



Which model to choose

Our sailplanes are models suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots. We recommend that beginner pilots practice flying smaller and more simple models (kits), which can be easily and quickly replaced if damaged.
The selection of the model is a personal choice as well as a matter of flying proficiency of each pilot. Our technical data table, which is a part of the description of each model, states what flying proficiency is recommended by us, the manufacturers. The customer’s budget is another factor that might determine what type and equipment his model will have.

Delivery time

As our models are custom made, their delivery time depends on the number of orders we receive. The orders are filed according to their date of receipt. Current delivery time is anywhere between 1 to 5 months.

Colour and livery of the model

All the GP sailplanes are produced with white colour. The models BRAWO and BRAWO II have the upper and lower part of the wing covered with an iron-on ORACOVER foil in combination of two contrast colours, which allow for easy orientation during aerobatics. The customer can choose what the colour combination will be.
If the customer does not specify otherwise, the models have the original true scale sailplane livery applied, i.e., according to the German sailplanes in blue colour. The reason is that all of our models are made according to the true scale sailplanes which originate in Germany. Only Pilatus B4 is originally of Swiss production so the colour is black.
If the customer wishes, the colour of the standard decals can be changed or these can be completely custom made, i.e., according to the modeling club of the given country or a totally personalized decals in the colour of the customer’s choice.

Cockpit equipment

The models BRAWO and BRAWO II do not have cockpits and therefore cannot have their interiors equipped.
The rest of the models have either standard or custom equipped cockpits. Standard equipment includes a moulded seat for a pilot. Custom equipment has seats with seat covers, upholstered side panels, control panels, control levers. Not all the models can be custom equipped though. The models of ASW series, Duo Discus 2.5m and Nimbus 4D 3.3m, for example, cannot be upgraded for technical reasons. Generally speaking, the models with the wing span higher than 3.3m can be custom equipped if the customer wishes. An exception is the model Glasflugel 304 cz HpH, which only comes with a custom equipped cockpit.

Air brakes and landing gear

The models BRAWO and BRAWO II do not have any equipment and therefore do not have air brakes or landing gear. Duo Discus 2.5m has a few options - without any equipment, with brakes, with landing gear or with both.
All the rest of the KV sailplanes are equipped with either Schempp-Hirth style two-storey air brakes or a landing gear or both. The models L33 Solo and Pilatus B4 have only a fixed landing gear. The remaining models all come with a retractable landing gear. The models Discus 2b, the Ventus 2c series and Duo Discus 5.3m can be alternatively equipped with a folding retractable landing gear, just the way it is in the real sailplanes.
The description of each model states what equipment options that particular model has.


All the models are ready to have the servos installed, i.e., the openings for the servos are pre-cut so that the customer can install them by himself.
However, if the customer wishes, he can purchase the model complete with servos. Since there are many different brands on the market, we leave the selection to the customer’s preference and budget. The servos must be either supplied for the installation or pre-selected so that we can order them and install them in the model. Please note that the latter option requires the customer to pre-pay for the servos prior to the commencement of the work on the model.
For usual flying and basic aerobatics it is possible to use standard servos of 3.1 – 3.5 kg strength or digital servos, such as Graupner DS 361. For aggressive aerobatic flying it is more appropriate to choose servos of 5.5 kg strength, such as HITEC 605. Landing gear requires stronger servos, like HITEC 75bb. The length of the push rod for landing gear servo lever should be 17 – 17.5mm long, measured from the centre position of the servo.
As each model is custom made, the number of servos depends on the number of functions of each individual plane. So based on the number of functions it is easy to calculate the required number of servos:

Rudder one (1) servo
Elevator one (1) servo
Ailerons two (2) servos
Split flaps two (2) servos
Air brakes two (2) servos
Retractable landing gear or folding retractable landing gear one (1) servo
Airtow release mechanism one (1) servo
Pylon one (1) servo

Ensuring the optimum flight

All KV models have the centre of gravity marked with an arrow in the centre-section in the interior of their fuselage. If the model is balanced to the marked point, it is ready for an optimum flight, i.e., for the normal test flight. If this balancing does not suit the customer’s piloting style, it is possible to adjust it accordingly. We recommend ± 10mm deflection from the CofG of the model.


Models GP,marked as acrobatic,  successfully fly aerobatics and are flown even in extreme Alpine conditions, for example in the Dolomites, The Austrian or Swiss Alps.
Aerobatic piloting, though, is recommended for advanced pilots only, i.e., those pilots who master laws of aerodynamics and piloting techniques.

Motorized soaring

Most KV sailplanes can be modified to a motorized version by being fitted with a retractable pylon. They are mostly models with a wing span greater than 3.3m. Our company has been in cooperation with Elicker Co., that produces high quality retractable pylons in 9”, 12.5”, 14”, 16” and 18” sizes. If the customer wishes, the model can have the fuselage adjusted, pre-cut and fixed with a door, i.e., ready for the installation of the retractable unit or, it can have the pylon completely installed by us. The pylon is usually ordered directly from Elicker Co. Suitable electromotors are also available through this supplier. The least expensive option is for the customer to order and pre-pay the pylon (or even the electromotor) with Elicker Co. so that these can be shipped to us by Mr Elicker for installation. The second option is that the customer makes a payment for the pylon to our account prior to the commencement of the work on his model and we organize everything for him.

Transportation of the model

From our own experience with transportation and carrying of the models, we know how susceptible models are to physical damage. Fabric cases do not provide sufficient protection of the model against physical damage. That is why we are proud to be the first ones to offer you a safe moulded transportation cases, which are imitations of the real transportation Cobra vehicle. We are currently offering a smaller transportation case with a shoulder strap, suitable models under 3 000mm wing span and a larger transportation trailers on wheels for models up to 4 800mm and up to 6 000mm respectively.

Moulded transportation Cobra case with shoulder strap, suitable for most scale sailplanes up to 3 000mm wing span.

Technical data
Length: 1 640mm
Width: 200mm
Pront Height: 210mm
Tail Height: 300mm
Weight when empty: 2 500g

Moulded transportation Cobra trailer with wheels, suitable for most scale sailplanes up to 4 800mm wing span.

Technical data
Length: 2 000 mm
Width: 310 mm
Front Height: 300 mm
Tail Height: 415 mm
Weight when empty: 5 300 g

Moulded transportation Cobra trailer with wheels, suitable for most scale sailplanes up to 6 000mm wing span.

Technical data
Length: 2 385 mm
Width: 380 mm
Front Height: 380 mm
Tail Height: 500 mm
Weight when empty: 6 500 g


It is necessary to always store the models in dry place. If the model is not operated for longer periods, it is necessary to store the wings so that they are resting on the leading edge. Our transportation Cobra cases are ideal not only for the transportation of the model but also for its storage.
The models must never be exposed to extreme temperatures, i.e., extreme sunshine, frost, heating units, etc. Models can be in danger even when it is not operated and is exposed to as little as one hour of intensive sunshine. In such cases the transportation box as well as the canopy should be left open and the model should be covered with a piece of cloth.The model is recommended to protect against the harmful effects of solar UV radiation, for example, a suitable autocosmetics with UV protection of the paint.


Any inquiries or orders will be processed in writing only at our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our phone number +420 604 550 840.


Wholesale customers are eligible for quantity discounts. Our Wholesale Price List and Business Terms are available at the above stated email address or fax number. Your request has to state the name of your company, its business address, contact name and address that you want to use for our correspondence, business register number and tax file number.

Payment options

The payment for the order can be made in cash in our workshop, by Postal Money Order or by wire-transfer to our business bank account, the details of which will be provided to the customer when he receives the payment request. Our company does not accept payments by credit cards.
Prices are in Euros €. If the customer wishes to make a payment in other currency, i.e, USD, etc., the price is calculated according to the current exchange rate.