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ust like the BRAWO, the BRAWO II is not a true scale sailplane, but a radio controlled model only. The difference between the two BRAWOs is in the size and divisibility of the wing section. The model is controlled by ailerons and an elevator. It can be used with an electromotor of 10 to 14 cells. The BRAWO II is suitable for practice in the F5B category.

The fuselage of BRAWO II is made of fiberglass. The wing is made of styrofoam, fiberglass, and balsa. It has a wooden support. The ORACOVER iron-on foil in the combination of contrast colours is used on the upper and lower parts of the wing for better orientation during aerobatic flying. The customer can select his own colour combination as well as the model will have. Unlike the BRAWO, the BRAWO II has a two-piece wing that is attached to the fuselage by two nylon screws of N5 diameter. The two parts of the wing are connected to each other by 14x2mm flat steel bar. They can be dismantled and stored behind the seats during transportation.

An airtow hook can be added to your model as optional equipment.


Retail Price* with VAT

Model # Specs Price + 21%VAT

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Scale: ---
Wing span: 2100 mm
Length: 950 mm
Wing area: 38,2 dm²
Airfoil: XD-72 mod.
Loading: 40 g/dm²
Weight: approx. 1528 g
Flying proficiency: Intermediate

1EUR/26.80 CZK
Customers from outside the EU, the price is exempt from the 21% VAT.

Technical specifications for box
Lenght: 1640 mm
Width: 200 mm
Front Height: 210 mm
Tail Height: 300 mm
Weight: 2500 g